Pro Trans is a world-class translation and transcription service platform that offers unparalleled translation and transcription services in all languages.

About Us

Pro Trans is the go-to brand when looking to take your international relations to the next level of excellence, as we take away any language-related business limitation. We offer a wide range of translations and transcription services to firms, organisations, universities, large scale, and small scale business, etc. The transcription of audio to text, and the accurate translation of delicate information from one language to another, is a high impact task that could make or break a business endeavors.

The Pro Trans brand is highly committed to providing excellent quality translation services at unbeatable price rates and in an ideal turnaround time.

Most corporations and even small business a lot of times do not have the luxury of time and hence, require the help of skilled and well-trained professionals to handle their transcription and documentation tasks. We have situated ourselves as that ultimate go to when it comes to having the backs of these businesses in this aspect. Having a dependable group of sharp minds who can conveniently handle your transcription workload is one high impact business tool that needs to be harnessed to save precious business time and further heighten general productivity. We serve as that never tiring translation and transcription machine that is always in top form to take off your hands that time consuming task of converting your audio business meetings to well-structured paperwork.

Accuracy, on-time delivery, and overall excellence, is what is required from us by our clients, and that is precisely what we provide.

We have an unyielding knack to help businesses succeed, and with each successful transcription project we take on, our resolve to do even better is strengthened. The innovation we employ to ensure that you get the absolute best is always live and never falling behind on modern and in time translation/transcription skills. Our team of translators is the best in the business, as we have well structured and rigorous/strict recruitment criteria that we never compromise on when selecting our translators. With the uncanny dedication we put into our translation/transcription services, you are guaranteed the best quality results that you can’t get elsewhere. Lets us take that walk with you as you make those big business strides.